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"Your body works hard for you, be good to it!"- maitri massage

Maitri Massage awakens the physical mental and spiritual synergy within. Our work is designed to follow your body’s intricate canvas. We meet you where you are, learn where you’ve been, and help you go where you hope to be.

Hannah Proch (owner) believes the anatomy of massage therapy and yoga are synergistic to a life-course in self discovery, postural awareness, vitality, and joyfulness. Maitri massage studio hand selects licensed massage therapists, yoga instructors, and healing arts practitioners. Each maitri therapist brings unique expertise to your healing process. Our priority is your health and wellbeing.

hannah proch

My practice of meditation lead me to discover the concept of maitri. Maitri is a sanskrit word, which emphasizes the importance of compassion and lovingkindness for oneself as a key ingredient to balance. This Buddha sutra has inspired the philosophy for maitri massage studio. I believe, your body works hard for you, so be good to it!

The sources of discomfort in our bodies are not always physical. There are often mental stressors or a sense of energy stagnation in our daily lives surfacing as road-blocks on the path to healthy living. A regular practice in self-care through massage therapy, yoga, and meditation can support your whole health goals.

Hannah is:

  • A registered Structural Remediation ™ Practitioner
  • nationally certified for Massage Therapy (through the National Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work)
  • an American Massage Therapy Association member
  • a Licensed Massage Therapist, CT License #005056
  • currently completing her training to teach Structural Remediation™: Clinical Massage Techniques for Performance and Rehabilitation Seminars nationally

maitri massage

Clinical Massage & NeuroMuscular Techniques

Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Massage

Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

Sports Massage

Massage for TMJ & Migraines

Swedish Massage

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Couple's Massage

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Clinical Massage and NMT sessions are designed to identify compensation patterns throughout the body. The focus is to redirect nerve pathways through joint reintegration, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (pnf), positional and active release methods, and myofascial soft tissue relief.

Meaning- we look at the whole body and review your health history to help you uncover, how and why, you may be compensating posturally. The end goal is to get you moving without pain, with an at-home self-care regimen to support our work. This work often suggests more than one massage therapist during a session. Once we get down the healing trail and start seeing results, we discuss deepening your restorative work with other skilled LMT’s. Here’s a look at our multi-therapist work, it is truly a rebalancing experience.

$100 1 hr, $150.00 1.5 hr

Deep tissue massage sessions isolate problematic tension and stress areas. Combining trigger point and positional release techniques to our deep work can break through crepitus and connective tissue build up.

Translation- going deeper can bring out nasty trouble spots in some of us. We sometimes need to pull out other massage modalities to help. Trigger point and positional release methods can hit the spot and corner muscles bellies, guiding them to let go of all that tension you’ve been holding onto in those hard-to-stretch areas.

$100 1 hr, $150.00 1.5 hr

Pregnancy can have many exhausting and exhilarating effects on your body. Our prenatal and postpartum massages are designed to comfort you throughout the process. Our gentle energy work and nurturing massage sessions during your first two trimesters help with relaxation and peace from all the changes your body is undertaking.

By your third trimester, we work closely with you and help you with any trouble areas- as the relaxin kicks in and you’re feeling ready to start this new adventure of motherhood. Postpartum massage sessions are a phenomenal way to flush out toxins and get you feeling back to your self - sleeping babies welcome!

$100 1 hr, $150.00 1.5 hr

Not all athletes are created equal - neither are our sport’s massages! We cater to the weekend warrior and professional athlete. Our approach stems from a knowledge of biomechanics and range of motion targets. We help facilitate training and recovery at your best. Pre and post sporting event sessions are based solely on the athletes' needs and goals.

$100 1 hr, $150.00 1.5 hr

sport’s massage techniques- to name a few:

  • pnf stretching
  • tapotement (rapid flow of compressions to warm muscle bellies)
  • assisted and passive stretching techniques
  • spot work
  • joint reintegration
  • positional release modalities
  • compression and decompression

Team discounts apply. Please inquire at

Pain from temporal-mandubular joint tension and migraines can stop you in your tracks. Sometime you can’t get away from the pressure, no matter how dark the room is or how great your night guard. There are many attachment points at your jaw and cranial plates that are hard to reach on your own. Often, a gloved hand is used inside the mouth to help release intra-oral attachment points of tension. Compression and decompression on the cranial plates can also be applied as needed. These massages are designed just for you- so you can get back to your life!

$100.00 1 hr

A traditional swedish massage stimulates the circulatory system and facilitates the process of healing through deep relaxation, gentle effleurage, and petrissage. These sessions are often described as meditative. Smooth, evenly applied pressure takes away the stress of the day as gentle tapping techniques are applied to bring you back refreshed.

$100 1 hr, $150.00 1.5 hr

Yes. We offer a student discount. You deserve it! When you come in for your session, you pick a massage modality that works for you! Clinical Massage & NeuroMuscular Techniques are offered at a 10% discount, all other modalities are a student rate.

$90.00 1 hr, $135.00 1.5 hr

Couple’s massage sessions are designed to help you relax together in a peaceful environment. You both share a treatment room, and each have your own massage therapist to work on individual needs. It’s a perfect way to unwind together. Ease back into the world with sparkling water, organic chocolates, and mixed nuts. Please allow 20 minutes after each couples massage to enjoy your refreshments.

$250 1 hr, $375 1.5 hr

maitri body

Everybody is unique- the concept of maitri body is to recognize we each need different kinds of people in our lives for different reasons. My goal as a business owner, massage therapist, and yoga instructor is to connect others to a safe, health-curious, and educated community of maitri bodies. Maitri is a sanskrit word, which emphasizes the importance of compassion and lovingkindness for oneself as a key ingredient to balance.

Take steps closer to the source of your own inner wisdom and health - see what meditation classes, yoga classes, and workshops we have popping up on facebook , twitter , and schedulicity today!

Your body works hard for you, be good to it! - Hannah Proch

student events

Are you on a dance team? In a show? Or just cramming for reading week?

Schedule a chair massage event for your school club, team, or besties with discounted student rates! We know how awesome it is to relax, even if you only have five minutes with your bustling schedules. Email Hannah to see how we can arrange a fun event to keep you going strong for the next big deadline.

corporate events

Our corporate massage events help organizations maintain a healthy work environment. Give the gift of massage to your staff- or subsidize a portion towards their relaxation. Everyone needs a little down-time. Check out our references on our corporate clients page for more information!

For more information on our corporate massage events: inquire at

girls' night

Have a theme for your next event? How about relaxation! We cater to bridal parties, birthdays, after work gatherings, and in-home wellness parties. Our signature maitri-body foot soaks, salt scrubs, and hydrating oils enhance any pampering event. Hand, foot, and chair massages are always a must-have for these much needed nights off. Mini facials and make-up applications are also available. BYOB, snacks, and plan to relax! Please contact

Hannah to schedule your next event.